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UGA is Aluminum alloy materials committed to becoming the top innovative technology and new material consulting leader in the field of industrial aluminum full-process manufacturing. UGA has been engaged in the processing and technical consultation of aluminum alloy materials for 30 years. UGA’s full-process technology can be widely used in the cabinet structure, components and connection methods of various brands and products to meet customers’ needs for high-tech aluminum alloy lightweight components.

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Ugaaluminium advantage and what sets us apart from standard manufacturing is our “full-process process processing and consultation” in the field of industrial aluminum alloy materials product manufacturing.

We can lower production costs for our customers, increase production efficiency, and give them a more convenient and stress-free procurement experience with our full-process technology sales and support. All of these benefits come at a reasonable price for our products. The idea of “sales and service of the whole process of industrial aluminum” is emphasized as a crucial factor.

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