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What is Anodize Aluminum?

Anodize aluminum is the electrochemical coating of an aluminum surface with a wear-resistant oxide layer. When you anodize the aluminum parts, it becomes more robust, more aesthetically pleasing, and resistant to wear and corrosion. 

  • You can finish the aluminum items differently by anodizing them. In contrast to previous processes, this one involves adding protective covers to the material.
  • Surface finishing is the following step in the manufacturing process after the product is completed in its functional completion. In order to produce a product that is both beautiful and durable, surface finishing is crucial. 
  • However, anodizing is a popular and effective technique when working with aluminum products. If you use this technique, you may get curious to learn how much it costs to anodize aluminum products.
  • Anodizing aluminum items shouldn’t be a new concept to those who are familiar with science, especially for those who usually work with chemistry. If the procedure seems difficult to you, this essay was meant to demystify it. 

We will be covering the fundamentals of anodization, the variables that affect the cost of anodization of aluminum, and practical advice for carrying out the procedure.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Anodize Aluminum

Many people believe that painting is inferior to anodizing for the best surface quality for aluminum items. Choosing could be straightforward, but it depends on how much it will cost to anodize the aluminum parts you require. The element that affects how much it costs to anodize aluminum parts is in the list below: 

Layer Thickness 

You can measure the oxide layer’s thickness on the aluminum part’s surface by the coating thickness. It also plays a significant role in determining how much aluminum parts should be anodized. In addition, it is the least expensive if you only want a basic thickness. Contrary to popular belief, the cost of anodizing aluminum items depends on the coating thickness. Most people assume that the cost of anodizing will increase as thickness increases. 

The coating range is more expensive, yet the thinner or narrower it is. As an illustration, “+/-.001” is less expensive than “+/-.0001”. This is so because a bigger oxide layer is simpler to regulate than a thin one. Experience and professionalism are necessary for this level of control, which has a direct relation to greater anodizing.

Different Methods of Anodizing 

We covered some specific sorts of anodizing processes for aluminum parts that you might require for your surface finishes. How much it costs to anodize aluminum parts will depend on which of the three options you select. The Type 1 anodizing procedure is the least expensive of the three. This is so that it utilizes less energy and fewer expensive ingredients. You can use chromic acid specifically due to the usage of expensive ingredients. 

Anodizing aluminum parts using the Type 3 process becomes more expensive. For instance, increased energy usage when sulfuric acid replaces chromic acid. In general, the cost of anodizing aluminum parts increases with type.

Aluminum Anodized Dimension and Components

The cost to anodize aluminum parts has a significant influence on the material dimension that the user utilizes. The more surface area there is, the more materials and facilities are necessary to complete the process successfully, and the higher the dimension. Additionally, more components require more labor and time to assemble. These two factors directly affect the cost of anodization of aluminum. 


In order to move the workload of the process from stage to stage, racking is an essential process. Additionally, it is important because it gives a safe electrical connection. Weld, clamp, and bolt racking are only a few examples of the various forms of racking.

The procedure is also important for quality and has a significant impact on anodizing costs. Manufacturers employ a cost-effective strategy for the best yield while paying less when there is no specification for the method to apply. Racking also influences how many pieces of hay you can process at once, which could increase the cost.

Added Services

Customers must pay more if they need extra steps to increase the process efficiency. The same applies if you are aiming to improve the looks of such products. Planning to cover or plug holes will require more work and cost more money. Customization and personalization from the side of clients increase its price. 

What Is the Price of Anodize Aluminum?

All the above factors directly affect the anodizing cost of aluminum. Moreover, if you want to know the price, it is typical to see minimum fees between $65 and $125. Only colors that your anodized is currently processing, such as transparent, black, etc. They are eligible for Type II in this case.

When done in large quantities, anodizing is cheap. So, if you’re deciding to anodize the aluminum parts in bulk, it will be cheaper. However, if you’re an industry leader and want to get the benefits of bulk anodizing, then you must go for wholesale aluminum alloy parts anodizing service provider Cost. The cost of Type III hard coat anodizing is higher, and the cycle time of an anodizing is longer. 


There are some factors which affect the cost of anodizing of aluminum parts. Want to purchase anodized aluminum components at a discount? Here is Ugaluminum for you! Ugaluminum is an affordable option to get aluminum parts anodization done at a reasonable cost. We cater to international clients from various parts of the world. 

Finding good anodizers is challenging. Some anodizing businesses operate three shifts and process more than 100,000 pieces each week. To keep the tanks running, this is important. To handle 600 components per hour it requires hiring labor and processing quality control!  

This is in stark contrast to a small machine shop that employs expert workers and produces minimal volumes of work, and there are just a few components per day. Even though you may have spent 20 hours machining a part, the anodized may handle thousands of parts each week. Get wholesale services of anodization right away!


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