Aluminum Square Bar

Product Specification

MaterialAluminum 6061-T6511; ASTM B221; AMS-QQ-A-200/8
Item Dimensions LxWxH10 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Item FormFlat Rod
Tensile Strength45 ksi
Standard Length Tolerance+/- 1/4″
Custom Cut Tolerance+/- 1/16″
Shear Strength30 ksi
Brinell Hardness95
Elasticity10 ksi
Melting Point1220F



Wholesale Aluminum Square Bar Manufacturer for Precision and Strength

An aluminum square bar is a solid, four-sided piece of metal shaped like a square made from aluminum. Ugaaluminium Wholesale Aluminum square bar manufacturer makes them from various aluminum alloys, each with specific properties and characteristics depending on the intended use.

A high-quality aluminum square bar is available on Ugaaluminium. Also, our Aluminum Square Bars are available in various sizes, cut to the exact length for projects. Customers can pick from a variety of aluminum-made billets that are available in a vast inventory.

They typically come from casting or extrusion directly from the aluminum element. Indirect creations are made by hot-rolling an ingot or a bloom. These aluminum products are useful for making a variety of goods for a variety of purposes.

Buy Reliable Wholesale Aluminum Square Bar

Aluminum bars suppliers offer various benefits and properties that make their products highly desirable in various industries. These bars are lightweight, making them portable and easy to handle, and they naturally resist corrosion, making them durable in various settings. As a result, it has great machinability, workability, and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum has a phenomenal strength-to-weight ratio, one of its best qualities. It makes aluminum square bars ideal for structural integrity and weight reduction since they offer significant strength while weighing as little as possible. Wholesale Aluminum square bar manufacturer products have remarkable thermal conductivity, allowing for effective heat dissipation. Thye are very simple and easy to handle for machining and construction, enabling a variety of manufacturing techniques. Additionally, aluminum is very recyclable, supporting environmental initiatives.

Applications Of Aluminum Square Bar

Ugaaluminium Wholesale Aluminum Bars are very versatile and ideal for many applications. Because it is a lightweight metal that resists corrosion, it can be used in various industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and automobiles. Square aluminum bars are useful in construction because they offer stability and strength while being relatively light.

It is useful for structural components, medicinal assemblies, and aircraft building. Precision aluminum alloy flat bar or aluminum alloy square bar is frequently helpful in the construction, machinery, electronics, sports equipment, advertising, transportation, consumer products, furniture, aviation, and military industries.

Furthermore, their flat, rectangular surface is perfect for various architectural and structural functions. They are useful as frameworks and supports for buildings. Also, it is useful as building supports and frameworks. They can be found in heaters, ducts, ladders, hangers, gates, bracing, and more.

High Quality Wholesale Aluminum Square Bar Manufacturer – Ugaaluminium

 Ugaaluminium is a popular wholesale aluminum square bar manufacturer providing buyers with good quality at affordable prices. The many different aluminum square bar price ranges, specials, and affordable offers are always available online for them to browse. Customers can purchase top-notch products from the most reputable suppliers and producers of billets on the website.

Aluminum Bar Suppliers have products that have a big impact across several industries. Due to its resilience, adaptability, and versatility, it is more inexpensive than other materials and advantageous for many applications. Our experts have years of experience handling these bars and ensure they go through a strict quality control process before bulk order delivery. So you can trust us with your bulk aluminum square bats and order freely. Get in touch with Wholesale Aluminum Manufacturer right away!

Aluminum Square Bar is a solid aluminum bar that is extruded and has many uses. It is also very easy to deal with. When lightweight and corrosion resistance are important considerations in any kind of manufacturing job, 6061 Aluminum Square is frequently utilized. Aluminum squares in hundreds of diameters are available from Metals Depot for purchase online in precut or mill lengths that are ready to ship, or you can order custom cut to size aluminum squares in small or large quantities at discounted costs. Sawcut from plate, custom sizes are also available. supplied in raw mill finish; not meant for use in cosmetics.


  1. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, above-average corrosion resistance, good machinery that works well for welding and precision machining.
  2. Durability, excellent flexibility, and potent heat conductivity.
  3. It is the ideal material for complex molding processes.
  4. A versatile metal, aluminum can be shaped and molded into a large variety of shapes.
  5. Due to its exceptional electrical conductivity, it is ideal for heat-transfer applications.
  6. We make advantage of In construction, commercially pure aluminum 1100 alloy is employed. It is composed of 99 percent aluminum, 12 percent copper, and trace amounts of other metals.
  7. Because of its exceptional resistance to corrosion, it is ideal for heat exchange equipment. It is a part of the 5000-series of aluminum alloy, which is strong and safe for use in maritime environments.
  8. It is an easy-to-produce alloy with good anodizing qualities.

Why Choose Us?

For your unique project requirements, Industrial Metal Supply carries hundreds of sizes of square aluminum stock. For clients that regularly buy aluminum products, we provide metal contracts in addition to aluminum cutting, sawing, and shearing. With our factory’s resources, we can offer a wide variety of styles for aluminum square bars. We can also fulfill your demands for large purchases. We can also give additional customisation, drilling, cutting, and other types of manufacturing. Our purpose is to assist you.

Please message us if you have any negative experiences when purchasing aluminum square flat rod plate bars, regardless of whether they are related to quality or not. We will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. Our customer support team will respond to you within a day.