Aluminum Alloy Cavity

Product Specification

Product Name:Aluminum alloy cavity mold
Tolerance grade0.05mm
ProcessCasting +Machining(if Need)+surface Treatment
Machining ProcessCNC Precision Machining
Drawing Format2D/(PDF/CAD)3D(IGES/STEP)
Material CapabilitiesAluminum alloy A360, A380, A390, ADC-12,ADC-10

Zinc Alloy & Magnesium Alloy

Manufacture ProcessGravity casting, Low pressure die casting, High pressure die casting, Metal casting
Secondary MachiningCNC turning, milling, drilling, grinding, assembly to Packing
Surface FinishChrome plating, sand blasting, painting, anodizing, powder coating,
electrophoresis etc
Casting ToleranceCT6 – CT8
Maximum Ton1800T (From 200T to 1800)



Wholesale Leading Aluminum Alloy Cavity Manufacturer – High-Quality Solutions for Your Precision Needs

UGaaluminum Manufacturing methods like injection molding and die casting use aluminum alloy cavities as essential parts. Aluminum alloy cavity manufacturer design them with precision to make cavities, molds, or images within various materials. These produce molds for various goods, including sophisticated plastic and metal components. They are essential in deciding the ultimate form and properties of the manufactured object.  

Aluminum alloy cavity inserts used in UGaaluminum die casting assist in concentrating molten ingredients into the required shape. They ensure the finished product maintains its required structural integrity and dimensions. Known for having great heat conductivity, aluminum alloy. This material’s cavity inserts facilitate quick production cycles and effective cooling. As a result, our cavity inserts provide fine details and precision to molds. It is especially important in sectors where surface polish and product accuracy are crucial.

High quality Aluminum Alloy Cavity for Production

Cavity inserts aluminum alloy have highly exceptional qualities and advantages. It is a crucial element in contemporary production procedures. They are also lightweight, which makes handling and mold integration easier. Because of their longevity and resistance to wear, they will continue to perform at a high level.

Die Cast Aluminum Alloys have excellent thermal conductivity. Thus, it makes it easy to dissipate heat during molding, preventing overheating and speeding up production. Because of their corrosion resistance, they are useful in various manufacturing settings while maintaining a high level of quality.

The versatility of modification is one noteworthy quality. Thus, Aluminum alloy cavity manufacturer customize it to fit a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the design specifications. They are adaptable tools since they work with various molding techniques, including plastic injection molding and die casting. A vital characteristic for sectors that require precision in their products is that these inserts excel at inserting delicate features into molds. They also have effective cooling capabilities, which speed up manufacturing cycles and improve overall operational efficiency.

Aluminum Die Casting Services for various Applications

Many industries use aluminum alloy cavity inserts to help with precision molding and production. The manufacture of molds for plastic parts and components, from consumer items to automobile parts, depends heavily on these inserts. An essential part of the die casting process is the aluminum alloy cavity, which ensures that molten metal is shaped into precise forms with high dimensional accuracy. Manufacturers use these inserts to create precise tools and dies for various applications, including electronics and aerospace. Aluminum alloy cavity inserts are also useful in the medical sector. Thus, they create complex and highly accurate components for medical tools and equipment.

Aluminum Alloy Cavity Process

Aluminum alloy cavity machining is a cutting-edge technology that boasts excellent efficiency, quality, and low consumption. The issues of poor surface texture, low quality CNC machining, and simple deformation of traditional CNC machining parts can all be resolved by mechanical processing. CNC machining can increase productivity and guarantee high-quality results by choosing the right cutting parameters and optimizing the cutting route. Aluminum Die Casting Parts are widely utilized in the automotive, aviation, and aerospace industries because to its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. As a result, die-cast aluminum products offer excellent cutting, small thermal expansion coefficient, high casting strength, and superior casting performance.


  1. Lightweight: Compared to other materials, aluminum alloy cavities are lighter, making handling and shipment simpler.
  2. High strength-to-weight ratio: Aluminum alloys are lightweight but have a high strength, which makes them appropriate for applications where strength is essential.
  3. Resistance to corrosion: Aluminum alloys are highly resistant to corrosion, which guarantees their durability and dependability, especially in harsh settings.
  4. Good thermal conductivity: Aluminum alloys’ strong thermal conductivity makes it easier to dissipate heat effectively, which helps to control temperature and maximize performance.
  5. Machinability: Because aluminum alloys are easily machined, complex designs and economical manufacturing techniques are possible.
  6. Oxidation resistance: Aluminum resists oxidation and corrosion well and is difficult to oxidize in the air.
  7. Versatility: Because aluminum alloy cavities are used in a variety of industries, versatility, contributing to their widespread use and popularity.

Why Choose Us

With over years of mold fabrication and plastic injection molding experience, we at Ugaaluminum are experts in making injection molds in various sizes. Comprising more than twenty youthful and dynamic expert designers, the R&D Center is outfitted with cutting-edge software like PRO-E, UG, Mastercam, Auto CAD, and Solidworks. Almost any design that our customers can think of is something we can accomplish. In order to guarantee that our molds have a precision tolerance of 0.02-0.05mm, our firm is outfitted with a full processing center, high-speed milling, high-precision CNC machining, and EDM equipment. We rigorously adhere to the ISO9001 quality standard. You need precise, high-quality molds to create flawless items.

UGA Aluminum invests in state-of-the-art production processes to ensure its inserts are the most innovative and accurate available. Enable you to obtain cavity inserts for certain requirements. Therefore, UGAAaluminum serves a global customer base in order to make its products available to manufacturers and molding facilities globally.

Leading Aluminum Alloy Cavity Manufacturer – Ugaaluminium

At Ugaaluminium, we have a dependable and efficient Aluminum alloy cavity manufacturer. Our one-stop manufacturing facility combines product die-casting, surface finishing, and mold design. The qualifying quality rate is 98.6%, with one-stop shopping, quick turnaround, and perfect quality assurance. 99.8% of deliveries are made on schedule, and the quality is under control. More than 10,000 die-casting molds have been produced. We use drawings and samples for customization processing.

We invest in cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to guarantee its inserts are at the cutting edge of accuracy and innovation. Allow you to get cavity inserts for unique needs. So, to make its goods available to manufacturers and molding facilities worldwide, UGAAaluminium caters to a global clientele.