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Many sectors rely on the use of aluminum material, and CNC machined parts are in high demand. It has a foundation of several predictions that the size of the aluminum market will increase between 2020 and 2025. Additionally, milling, turning, and other types of machining are available in the market category by type. Aluminum is a popular metal for CNC machined components because you can make its fabric more quickly than any other metal.

We will be covering the reasons for the popularity of Aluminum CNC machined parts, as well as their uses and other topics, There are many industries that need precision machined components, and aluminum-machined parts are the best. For more information about our aluminum alloy parts CNC machining services for your industry, get in touch with us. 

How Are CNC-Machined Parts Made of Aluminum Superior to Steel?

Aluminum is a strong, ductile, and adaptable material. When we compare it to other materials, Aluminum weighs less than other metals. Automobile structures having Aluminum are less expensive than those made of steel. In addition, Aluminum is flexible, heat- and light-reflective. Moreover, it doesn’t corrode naturally. Because it is affordable and lightweight, Aluminum is a material that every machinist uses to produce CNC machined parts. Compared to other materials, Aluminum can be machined faster.

Causes Of Aluminum Demand Exists for CNC Machined Components

The material Aluminum lends itself nicely to CNC machining. And it produces a comprehensive, long-lasting finish. The following list of factors explains why CNC-machined aluminum parts are popular:

1. Aluminum Is A Simpler Material To Work With:

Aluminum has a variety of characteristics that make it simpler to create when it comes to CNC machining. The fact that Aluminum is softer than other materials for CNC machining is its finest feature. The material chips off readily due to its softness, and drilling goes smoothly. Because Aluminum is a soft material, you may fold and cut to the client’s specifications. 

2. More Efficient Electrical Conductivity:

Due to its high electrical conductivity, aluminum parts are useful for electrical components. In comparison to other machined metals, it has a higher electrical conductivity. Because of this characteristic, machined aluminum components are more conductive and acceptable for use in commercial settings. Here are a few substances that conduct at room temperature:

3. Tailored Finishing:

Custom finishing can accommodate the client’s requests while customizing Aluminum. Aluminum components are preferable for CNC machining because of this. 

4. Ratio Of Strength To Weight:

Amazing physical qualities make Aluminum suitable for use in mechanical parts. Better at both strength and weight is Aluminum. Due to these two characteristics, Aluminum is the ideal material for parts used in the aerospace and automotive sectors. Examples include automotive shafts and aircraft fittings.

Different grades of Aluminum are commonly used for various purposes because they have a good strength-to-weight ratio. Numerous parts consist of general-purpose grades like 6061 and 7075, which are effective in aerospace and marine applications.

5. Anti-Corrosive:

Many industries employ Aluminum CNC machined parts, which are suitable for corrosive environments. Aluminum CNC machined parts have the advantage of having strong corrosion resistance. Each grade has a distinct level of corrosion-resistant properties. The best grade for corrosion resistance is 6061. This one has good weldability and great corrosion resistance.

6. CNC-Machined Aluminum Components Are Recyclable:

The ability of Aluminum to be recycled leads to a rise in the use of Aluminum in industrial settings. Aluminum CNC machined parts are, therefore, a superior alternative for companies looking to minimize their carbon footprint. Because of chipping, CNC machining is a subtractive process that produces a lot of waste material. To produce a better product, you can recycle this material waste.

CNC Aluminum Machined Parts Applications

Building Industry

Buildings and the construction sector go hand in hand. A building’s usage of Aluminum also prevents rusting. It aids in the creation of projects that are ideally adapted to contemporary needs. You can find Aluminum in a variety of shapes in the construction industry. This includes sections, rolled-formed products, and solid forms. 

The aluminum surface is lovely and doesn’t require cleaning. Exhibition halls, emergency shelters, temporary courtyards, and other structures all employ Aluminum.

Industrial Electricity

You can produce thin wires of Aluminum and use them frequently in items like telephone cables and light bulbs. Long-distance power lines are perfect applications for Aluminum because of its low density. Due to its greater ductility, Aluminum can readily create additional wires. Aluminum also works in appliances, motors, and power systems in addition to power lines and cables.

Transportation Sector

Aluminum is a great material for the transportation sector since it combines strength and lightness. Automobiles, trains, ships, and aeroplanes are the main uses for Aluminum. Since Aluminum is easier to shape and increases efficiency, using aluminum components can be advantageous. Aluminum’s light weight results in less fuel use and emissions.

Aviation Industry

A fantastic material for aero-plane parts, Aluminum is simply too brilliant for the aviation sector. These have a high strength-to-weight ratio, great ductility, and low corrosion resistance. It relieves any pressure that comes with flying at high altitude. 


The best thing to take into account before CNC machined parts is material. High strength-to-weight ratios, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity are necessary for the items. Aluminum is a wonderful choice as a result. As an alternative, you can ask for a CNC machining quote as well. At Uga Aluminum, our machinists specialize in producing complex-structured bespoke aluminum machining parts. Moreover, our team of experts is to provide our customers with components that are highly accurate and consistent.

Our machinists can precisely shape the material into any shape they desire with tolerances as close as 025mm. We make durable products and are aware of the value of client requirements. Depending on the needs, we can plate the colors. You can experiment with black, blue, and green colors. Place your wholesale orders for aluminum products without any delay! Our international suppliers are always available to assist your requirements. We cater 24/7 bulk orders.

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